Sunday, 10 April 2016

Colourpop Haul and Review

When I saw that Colourpop was releasing a new formula of liquid lip colours in the way of Ultra Satin Lips I was very intrigued to try them. But, as I don't find myself regularly reaching for the Ultra Matte versions I thought it was probably a product I could do without.

Then Colourpop went and released brow products, and loads and loads of vloggers started sharing both these new offerings online and before I knew it I was entering my card number and confirming shipping details. 
Colourpop Cosmetics Haul Liquid Lipstick Ultra Satin Gel Liner Brown Pencil
I'm a really big fan of Colourpop. I recommend them to all my friends who are wanting to update their makeup bag without a massive splurge, or want to try something new without the risk of been dramatically out of pocket if they hate the look on them. The products are a great price and generally great quality, however, some of the items are better than others.
With this little order I grabbed four of the new Ultra Satins Lips (USL) which retail for $6USD, two Brow Pencils which retail for $5USD each and a good old black Crème Gel Colour which is also priced at $6USD.
I have spent the last couple of weeks trying all four of the USL and I have come to the conclusion that I wouldn't actually describe them as having a satin finish. They dry to a matte in my opinion, not as dry-matte as the Ultra Matte Lips (UML) formula but still quite matte. Unlike the UML the USL do transfer. Oddly enough though, I can get lipcolour all over my coffee cup and yet my lipstick still looks mostly untouched, so although they move they don't fade off the lip or leave you looking patchy. Which is a win in my book.
Colourpop Cosmetics Haul Liquid Lipstick Lips Ultra Satin Gel Liner Brown Pencil
L - R: Lost, Cozy, Frick N' Frack and Echo Park
The consistency of the USL is almost like a mousse; it's not as fluid as the UML and I find this helps with a smoother and more even application. I also found the USL felt a lot more comfortable to wear than the UML. So, if you are tossing up between the formulas I would definitely recommend going for the Ultra Satin Lips. They are more comfortable to wear, don't dry out your lips as much and have equal staying power, I can apply these in the morning and still have colour at the end of the day.
Colourpop Cosmetics Haul Liquid Lips Lipstick Ultra Satin Gel Liner Brown Pencil
L - R: Lost, Cozy, Frick N' Frack and Echo Park
I watched a few swatch videos for the brow products and decided the pencil would be best for me, quick and easy, over the pot. However I couldn't tell which colour would suit me so I ordered the Blondie Pencil and the Dope Taupe Pencil (the lightest and third lightest shade, the second, Honey Blonde, looked way too warm for me) and just as well because together they work brilliantly. I have been doing my whole brow in Blondie Pencil and then using Dope Taupe Pencil to add some more dimension with a few very short strokes throughout. The packaging annoys me slightly, the pencil cannot be wound back down again and the product seems to always be blunt so consistent turning whilst using is required. But for $5USD these are things I can definitely get over. I would say that this is very comparable to the Anastasia Brow Wiz in finish and staying power. Packaging, ease of use and colouring is where they differ in my opinion.
Colourpop Cosmetics Haul Liquid Lipstick Ultra Satin Gel Liner Brown Pencil
L - R: Swerve liner thin, Swerve liner thick, Dope Taupe Pencil and Blondie Pencil.
Now I didn't have the highest of hopes for the Crème Gel Colour (I got the pot, not the stick) but I'm thrilled to say that I was pleasantly surprised from the first use. The texture is very creamy; sometimes with gels I find as I try to build up colour or thickness I end up taking more off than I am putting on, not the case here. Perhaps because it is quick drying it is really easy to build up a nice thick line with wicked colour intensity. I have predominately been using this with a small angled brush and it works a treat for both subtle, thin lines and more dramatic wing looks. I have found this lasts really well throughout the day, no smudging or fading but also isn't too difficult to remove at the end of the night. I'm a black liner girl through and through but this eyeliner comes in a heap of colours and for the price I can definitely see myself experimenting with other hues, maybe a navy or emerald next?
Another great haul from Colourpop Cosmetics, this brand keeps getting better and better in my opinion and I can't wait to see what they come out with next.


  1. those lippys look so pigmented!

    1. They are! And they are so long-wearing which is great too. My kind of lipstick!