Sunday, 29 November 2015

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick Review

After returning from my adventure last week to Priceline's Cosmetics sale with a fairly significant loot I was faced with the dilemma of what to try first. First world problems, I'm well aware. So I figured I'd start with the lippies. What I love about trialling makeup over skincare is that you tend to know straight off the bat if you like a lipstick or not, and by the end of the day you assess its longevity and how much work it is to maintain and you know for sure where it stands. Skincare generally needs a longer trial period and although I really love skincare I do enjoy the instant love you get from great cosmetics.

You may recall from my last post I picked up four of the Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks in Tulip, Poppy, Primrose and Dahlia. Tulip is a soft coral nude, Poppy is a warm orange toned red, Primrose is a rich plummy brown and Dahlia is a deep red toned brown.

I like to be able to apply lipstick straight from the bullet. For a normal work day I like to put it on in the morning at home, throw the tube in my handbag and touch-up once after lunch, and have it carry me through to home time. Ideally, a lipstick should be able to withstand careful sipping of tea and water throughout the day with minimal fading. 

These lipsticks didn't quite tick all those requirements. The shape of this lipstick is a bit unusual, for me anyway. It is round in shape as you would normally see but rather than the tip coming to a defined point you are working with a flat surface. I don't love the shape, I found it tricky to get a smooth line, especially towards the corners of my mouth. I tried using a liner and a brush, both of which obviously helped, but it meant taking that bit longer to put on my makeup and early in the morning before work I tend to favour products that look great without the extra fuss. Maybe it will just take some getting used to but I think I prefer the traditional shaped bullet that has a tear drop point, I think it curves around the contours of your lips more easily giving you are more natural application.

L - R: Dahlia, Primrose, Tulip and Poppy

The colours are beautiful and look gorgeous on, and the finish has a glossy sheen that quickly dries to a more satin look without feeling dried out which I love. But the longevity just wasn't there, I found the intensity of the colour faded as I sipped tea and after eating lunch it was almost gone leaving only a faint stain.
 L - R: Dahlia, Primrose, Tulip and Poppy
The range has twenty floral-named hues to pick from and they are all really gorgeous colours. I will definitely keep wearing the four I have but will probably only reach for these in times when my makeup doesn't need to last as long.

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