Sunday, 25 October 2015

Cult Beauty Box by Caroline Hirons # 2

Caroline Hirons has long been an expert fixture on the beauty and skincare blogging/vlogging scene but it wasn’t until she was featured in the Sali Hughes ‘In The Bathroom’ series that she popped up on my radar. How it is possible it took me this long to find her I’m not sure, but I’m well on board the Hirons train now.

I have spent the last few months working through her YouTube back catalogue and her blog and seriously feel like I’m learning of new products but also how  and what makes them work in equal measures. 
So when I heard that her collaboration with Cult Beauty was booting up for issue two of the coveted Beauty Box I waitlisted myself and order one as soon as they were available. The box contains eight products which aim to give ‘luminous, glowing skin’ which is something that I think everyone wants all year around. Healthy and glowing skin is on most people’s wishlist all the time but I think as the weather changes my skin can get quite dull and dry until I find the right mix of products for the new season.

My box arrived a while ago (so I have given everything a very decent test run), with seriously quick shipping from the UK to Australia, and I quickly ripped it opened and was struck with the fragrance of coconut… let me explain.

Left: Pommade Divine Remedy Balm    Right: RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream
RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream: This was the first product that caught my attention. The jar was sealed in a snap lock bag, and luckily so, because as the product warms the contents will liquefy and seep from the jar, as mine had. The smell filled the box but the product stayed put within the bag. In texture and appearance this looks and feels much like any other Coconut Oil, what makes this different though is that the unique extraction process doesn’t disrupt the Lauric Acid. This ingredient is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial which is what makes it different to the stuff you can get in the grocery store. This can be used a cleanser, makeup-remover or moisturiser but I have been loving it for dry skin on the body.
I can’t comment on the Pommade Divine Remedy Balm because I am yet to use it. It is recommend for skin suffering from everything from Eczema to blisters and severe dryness so when I feel the need I’ll give this little pot a whirl and let you know what I think.

Pixi Glow Tonic: The next item I grabbed was the one I was most excited about. I have heard Caroline mention it countless times in her vlogs so it was well endorsed. For starters the scent is amazing; it is floral but not overly sweet and beautifully refreshing and Summery without smelling artificial. As for the product itself, I love the effect it has on my skin. It’s a very gentle exfoliating toner (5% Glycolic), much softer than the others I have in my stash, and so light that I have been able to use this morning and night. I haven’t used it every morning, only when I have worn heavier products to bed the night before (rich creams or oils) but it gives good glow and a really soft and nourished clean (rather than a squeaky clean) feel.
Skin Owl Eye+ Concentrate: This eye gel has the strongest scent of cucumber freshness I have ever smelt in a product. It is very refreshing and cooling on the skin and I think it would be great in the warm weather when you don’t want a heavy eye cream but still want all the hydration and nourishment in a fast-absorbing cream. I have used this under makeup and it’s not my favourite, for me this is a day eye cream for makeup free days or at night only.

REN Omega-3 Serum & Odacité Serum Concentrate: Both of these oils work in the same way; by adding two to three drops of one to your night moisturiser for a boost of hydration and radiance. I think both work similarly well but are still quite different, the REN is a thin oil and has little to no scent, the Odacité is thicker and smells of Pomegranate, Rose and Geranium. They both leave a shine to the skin and take a little time to soak in so I have used them at night mixed in with my Korres Wild Rose Moisturiser. Both are nice, if you have combination skin I would look in to the REN or if you have more dry skin that would really soak up thicker oil I would consider the Odacité. I’ll stick to the REN added to night creams when I use them and the Odacité when I need a good hit of an overnight hydration treatment.

Alpha H Hydrating Cream: This is a fast absorbing moisturiser and it has a great refreshing scent too. For both of these reasons I think this makes a wonderful moisturiser option for the warmer weather, not sure if this would be enough in Winter but as we are in Spring now here this is perfection. I have actually already ordered a full size of this so that should arrive very soon.

Skyn Iceland Cloud Cleanser: This cleanser is a bit whatever for me. It is gentle, it does a decent job but it doesn’t do anything amazing for my skin. I tried it both with and without the provided muslin cloth and had brighter skin after using it with, but that had more to do with the cloth than the cleanser. Nice to have on standby when my face is feeling really delicate and I need something really soft but probably wouldn’t purchase this.
If you missed out on the box this time around I would say that although all the products have their benefits the standouts for me would be Alpha H Hydrating Cream, Pixi Glow Tonic, Skin Owl Eye+ and the Odacité Serum Concentrate. I would also suggest keeping your eyes peeled for the next box, (Caroline recently hinted that box three is a definite possibility) because it is a great way to try a range of products and brands that could be new to you but at a fraction of the retail price. Big thank you to Caroline Hirons for collating this range for us all, it seems like an impossible task to create a skincare collection that any skin type could benefit from but I really think this box contains something for everyone and I genuinely think I have found some new staples so that’s a big win in my book.

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