Thursday, 19 February 2015

Lunch With Bobbi Brown

Today I was lucky enough to attend a gorgeous event created by the Australian company Business Chicks which promotes women in business and offers networking events to help connect them with inspirational players in the corporate world as well as like minded business people.

Business Chicks Bobbi Brown Luncheon
It was the first event I have attended with the company but when I saw who the guest speaker was I bought my ticket immediately and could hardly wait for the big day, there was no way I was going to miss this. The luncheon was hosted by Bobbi Brown who is an absolute powerhouse in the cosmetics industry with eight books, an extensive range of products and retail outlets the world over. What has always captured my attention about this brand in particular is that, yes they sell makeup, but what they are really selling is a state mind of mind. Deep huh? But seriously, most advertising campaigns for cosmetic houses leave you thinking that if you buy those products you’ll look as pretty as the model. Who is usually genetically gifted, airbrushed to perfection and hasn’t eaten anything that would risk a breakout in a very long time. But when I look at the promotional material for Bobbi Brown I can’t help but think that if I buy her makeup products I’ll be as happy and confident as her smiling and healthy looking models (who by the way, still look like real everyday people, often because they are). Her recent campaign stars have included Katie Holmes and Kate Upton who are truly stunning women but still have a naturalness and a warmth that I think reflects the Bobbi brand perfectly, as well as using a range of everyday people who she has met throughout her life for the photographs in her books as well.
Business Chicks Bobbi Brown Luncheon
Business Chicks Bobbi Brown Luncheon
I love that her foundations let freckles shine through and aim to even skin tone, not ‘perfect’ it and how her skincare doesn’t make drastic claims about re-winding the effects of aging or ridding your face of fine lines in a certain timeframe. Instead Bobbi said that there’s no product anywhere that gets rid of lines entirely but there are ways to minimise their emphasis and enhance your preferred features and all of her advice and suggestions seemed to always come back to leading a healthy and balanced life.
So the main message of today? Well I think what was encapsulated for me by the whole event is that makeup is a tool you can use to make yourself the best version of yourself. When we wear makeup it changes the way we feel and hold ourselves and whether it is just a bit of concealer and a sweep of lipgloss or a whole drawer of different products it is the confidence you feel when you wear them that is the true power of makeup.
Business Chicks Bobbi Brown Luncheon Bobbi's Life Rules
So after today and hearing some of the history and the priorities of the brand I’m now really inspired to go and peruse the Bobbi Brown counter and hopefully walk away with some new goodies to play with. And I’ll most definitely be attending more Business Chicks functions in the future; I couldn’t recommend them enough for offering highly organised, well managed and engaging events.

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