Saturday, 24 January 2015

Topcoat To Get You Out The Door Fast

I'm a big believer in no nail polish being better than chipped nail polish but unfortunately I don't always have the time for touch-ups every couple of days which means most colour applications are quite short lived and I'm quickly back to a natural buff. I have always done the whole 'base coat, layer of colour then a top coat to seal' procedure and it really is quite the process. It's especially lengthy if like me, you start pottering around the house dinting your digits on everything you touch and then need an extra coat of something to hide your impatience/clumsiness.

I picked up a bottle of the INM Out The Door topcoat when I finished my last bottle of OPI Drip Dry Drops and not only is this the fastest drying topcoat I have ever used but it also dries as hard as a rock in no time, making your new manicure immune to immediate scuffs and dints. I find I can get a solid five days out of a colour now, after then my tips start to fade courtesy of typing all day but even at day five there are rarely any chips at all.

INM Out The Door Fast Drying Nail Topcoat

Since discovering this little miracle worker I have gotten back into the swing of painting my nails again and here are some of my favourites that I have being wearing recently:

Essie Bright Nail Polishes
Clockwise Starting With Leftmost: Essie
Watermelon, Peach Daiquiri, Chinchilly, Mint Candy Apple, Lapis of Luxury, Splash of Grenadine and Adore-A-Ball

As far as basecoats go I rate the Essie First Base as my winner, and it is leaps and bounds ahead of the OPI equivalent. I actually find that my colour will chip and flake quicker if I use the OPI base than if I don't use a base at all.

Essie First Base Nail Base Coat

But for a topcoat to seal in your colour and prevent chips I wouldn't go past INM Out The Door. If you find maintaining a mint-condition mani all a bit tedious and time-consuming this is definitely worth giving a go.

LINK: INM Out The Door
LINK: Essie Nail Polishes

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