Sunday, 11 January 2015

Friday Night Bubbles

The first full week back at work after the holiday season is always a drag. All the Christmas build-up and anticipation is over and jobs like pulling down fairy lights, dismantling the tree and re-boxing all the decorations for the next eleven months demand your attention. The shops are still crazy busy as the Boxing Day sales continue which means that lunch-break dash into a store to grab one thing is never going to be a quick task. Not to mention the comedown from New Years! Add to that a week of wild weather; a few near 40°C days and a few afternoons of torrential rain and thunderstorms and I’d say this week has lasted what feels like an eternity.
Fortunately for me, someone somewhere invented bubble baths.
Philosophy Senorita Margarita
My favourite Friday night in is spent in a hot bath tub with mountains of bubbles and a great book or TV show. It also most likely includes a full facemask so I look like an absolute treat but it is completely heavenly so appearances can fall by the wayside, I don't mind.
My current favourite bubble bath is the Philosophy Senorita Margarita. It will turn your bath water a lovely and fresh lime green colour if you use enough (and I suggest you do, we want loads of bubbles here). It has a lovely and fresh fruity aroma and I find the gel itself to be gentle on the skin and quite moisturising. It smells of lime definitely but I also get a hit of apple so it's a great scent for the warmer months as this stuff doubles as a shower gel, but I'll be saving mine for more luxurious baths.
No relaxing bath is complete without the gentle flicker of a flame so add your favourite scented candle and even the longest week will fade off to be a distant memory. This one from Tilley Australia has a beautiful Orange Blossom scent, so although it is a citrus based aroma it is still quite sweet which I love.
Tilley Australia Orange Blossom

LINK: Philosophy Senorita Margarita
LINK: Tilley Australia Candles

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